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Online Reputation Management: Balancing Reactive and Proactive Across PR, Social and Digital

Online reputation management (ORM) is often misunderstood, as many see it only as a social media effort or a public relations crisis management tactic. It’s really an integrated approach, when done thoroughly, that a brand should use proactively every day. This requires planning ahead and dedicated strategies to develop positive online assets. The background The […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Sep 14

Advanced Attribution Modeling

An array of advertisements and messaging hit us across all of our electronic platforms and media daily. We as consumers see ads while watching TV, browsing online, searching social media, reading emails and even while driving our cars listening to the radio. For marketers, determining how to influence a consumer can be tricky – what […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Aug 1

Eight Steps to a Successful Rebrand

When is it time to rebrand? Companies look at a multitude of factors, such as market research, market share trends and changing demographics, to determine if it’s time to reposition. But what many don’t realize is that a rebrand is more than just a new name and logo. It’s an opportunity to redefine and improve […]

Brian Bennett
Jun 12

Four Questions to Create More Compelling Digital Offers

Ask yourself some tough questions to generate action Integrated Inbound Marketing utilizes offers and incentives to entice consumers to pay them a visit. Developing compelling offers can be challenging in the best-case scenario, and frustrating in the worst. Depending upon the channels and approach selected to promote the offers, different strengths and angles can be […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Mar 17

Schrödinger’s Content

I recently spoke on a panel titled, Content Marketing: Creating a compelling mix, where we discussed content and inbound marketing. It was a great conversation that started around the creation of content, but one of the questions asked really got me thinking: “should we pay to promote our content?” My answer – sounds like a […]

Kevin Ciesielski
Oct 20

Inbound Marketing: You Should’ve Started Years Ago

For small businesses, the golden age of marketing is today. A paradigm shift in the way we approach our work as marketers has given smaller companies a leg up. Today, a small company can feasibly compete with global corporations. In the old days, you needed big money to be in the game. Now, businesses can […]

Brian Bennett
Jul 21

Short Attention Span Theatre

Our attention spans and patience are short. We delete unopened emails, speed date, order food from smart phone apps to avoid waiting in line, pay extra for same day shipping, and even communicate using single letters, like “k”. Not only do these behaviors apply to our everyday lives, but also influence our attitudes towards advertising. […]

Brian Bennett
Jun 27

The 7 Steps to Branding Redesign

Find out the 7 steps we go through when STIR is brought in to evaluate and recommend how a company can reposition itself for the future.

Brian Bennett
Apr 12

The Importance of Internal Branding

As vital as it is to showcase the capabilities of your agency through great client work, it’s just as important to have strong internal branding.

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Mar 1