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Why You Need a Strong Brand Voice on Social Media

Social media is a space where brands truly come to life. It’s also a space many of us use primarily in our personal lives. We share engagements and new babies on Facebook, filter our family photos on Instagram and dig for the perfect reaction GIFs on Tumblr. When we interact with brands on social media, […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Jun 23

Four Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Increase Brand Awareness

All good marketers know their business must have a presence on social media. Whether your brand is new to social media marketing or you’ve been marketing your business through social media since day one, you understand the effort and time it takes to set up and maintain a social media platform. A platform that tends […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Oct 7

Activate Your Marketing Plan For Amazing ROI

Building a marketing plan and fully activating a marketing plan are two completely different things, but it can make the difference between moderate and outstanding brand performance and ROI. The difference is what we will call “Marketing Plan Activation.” Marketing Plan Activation requires equal parts effort and imagination. Usually, a small incremental investment will give […]

Brian Bennett
Dec 5

How to Choose The Elements of Your Marketing Plan

Are you taking a holistic view of integrated marketing planning? Whether you are a chief marketing officer for a major corporation or own a small business, you should periodically step back and look at the big picture. You may be missing opportunities to design integration, efficiency, leverage, and ultimately, power, into your marketing effort. Think […]

Brian Bennett
Aug 7

Planning for Success: 3 Principles of Writing a Brilliant Marketing Plan

Many marketing managers are at a loss as to how to incorporate new messaging methods. They know the tried and true methods of marketing their brand and/or company may now be obsolete. They hear about many new methods of marketing but are rightfully suspicious of fads and trends in web and social marketing. They know […]

Brian Bennett
May 18

The Power of Disruptive Creative

The notion of Disruptive Creative is quite simple – how can a brand be special if it’s not different? To stand out in the world of clutter, there must be something different, something unique and special to attract the consumer’s attention. To get noticed, you must stand out; to stand out you must disrupt. Disruption […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Apr 29

Healthcare and Hospital Marketing – 4 Tips for Boosting Your Brand Equity

Many midsize and rural communities with one dominant hospital see local providers as inferior to “big city specialists.” They need to build confidence in the quality physicians that they employ to retain them. These systems need to focus on keeping profitable procedures local. Urban hospitals in larger, more competitive markets need to increase relevance and […]

Brian Bennett
May 17

Technology is Fascinating but Boring Without Creativity.

I am obsessed with technology. The latest laptop, iPhone, digital SLR / video camera, HD flat screen, blu-ray, gaming system – yes, I have them all. They are fun to play with at home and fascinating tools on a professional level. I’m not alone in this.  I think it is a social phenomena, and rightfully […]

Brian Bennett
Jan 16