Disrupt Mediocrity

brian bennett new headshot

Brian Bennett

STIR | President
Dec 13

At STIR we remind ourselves daily to ‘Disrupt Mediocrity.’

Expectations are defined by the usual, the routine, the mediocre. In communications, when we break with the usual we attract attention. There are many ways to break with expectation. Some of them could be negative or destructive. In serving our clientele we employ only positive techniques such as drama, humor, personalization and unique insight. Consumers are drawn to our statement and then quickly rewarded and engaged.

We do this because we are in the business of getting noticed. The work that we do needs to capture attention and derail the routine of targeted consumers.

The term “disruption” means to disturb or to interrupt. We mean to do that with every effort that we undertake. While that sounds negative, it is exactly the opposite. It is a technique rooted in science and proven to work. The mind pays special attention to anything that violates our expectations to determine whether an incident is a threat or positive development. It is an instinctive trait hardwired in us called ‘expectancy violations theory.’

We incorporate this philosophy and these techniques across multiple marketing platforms and media, through creativity and messaging. Every minute of every day we strive to disrupt mediocrity.

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