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2021 Social Media Image Size Guide

On social media, image is everything. Use our 2021 Size Guide to avoid cropped or blurry images on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Josh Arter Social Media Director
Josh Arter
Jan 15

Data-driven Creative

Marpipe featured STIR’s data-driven creative process in the article, “How Founders and Marketers Decide What Their Ads Look Like.” Read more.

Michael Ray
Apr 4

True to its Name – Influencer Marketing Will Influence Your Level of Success

Social media brand partnerships are more than a ‘like’ on Instagram. Here, we breakdown why your company should tap into influencer marketing and decipher who is actually the best person to represent your brand.

Emma Spring
Feb 6

Super Bowl 2020 Ads Show TV is King

That Facebook commercial. More :60 second ads. Super Bowl 2020 showed us TV is still an ad powerhouse. See which brands we think leveraged it most.

Brian Bennett
Feb 3

How Twitter’s Ban on Political Ads Affects Your Business

Twitter’s ban on political ads and new restrictions on cause-based ads is impacting thousands of businesses’ marketing efforts. Don’t let it disrupt yours.

Michael Ray
Dec 4