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Disrupt Mediocrity

At STIR we remind ourselves daily to ‘Disrupt Mediocrity.’ Expectations are defined by the usual, the routine, the mediocre.

Brian Bennett
Dec 13

Typography, the King of Branding!

Whether you’re creating a whole new brand or looking for a refresh, don’t forget about typography. Putting some love into your brand’s type is the biggest little thing you could do.

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Oct 30

Five Benefits of Inbound Marketing

More qualified sales leads and customer loyalty are just a few benefits of inbound marketing. Learn why your integrated marketing strategy MUST include an inbound component.

Brian Bennett
Jul 24

Why Integrated Paid Social Campaigns Need to Be a Part of Your Marketing Plan

A lot of companies are spending money running social ad campaigns and many are making a huge mistake. Social advertising has evolved rapidly over the past decade. From simple image ads to dynamic interactive campaigns with transformative customer experiences, social advertising continues to change every day. Throughout this evolution, many organizations have experienced an increase […]

Michael Ray
Jun 26

You Need to be More Mediagenic

We are strong proponents of the power of PR. Companies (B2C and B2B alike) can harness this power by becoming more mediagenic.

Brian Bennett
Apr 3

7 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Marketing

The traditional ad agency model is dead. Truth is, it was already drawing its last breaths back in the early 2000s in the heyday of flip phones and dial-up-internet. Flash-forward to 2018 and we’ve evolved from ad makers to content producers, from media buyers to creators of owned media. The industry has completely transformed into […]

Brian Bennett
Mar 26