Is Great Brand Marketing Just a Fantasy?

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Brian Bennett

STIR | President
Jun 20

When involving higher-order brand development, it truly is. 

Is Great Brand Marketing a Fantasy?

We must define and deliver the benefit

In brand marketing, the messaging execution rises past details of product attributes and shallow descriptions. It’s about conveying an emotional experience that goes beyond mere utility or function, highlighting the transformative joy and contentment associated with the brand. It must deliver a promise that is tied to the personal and emotional benefits the experience brings to the consumer and their understanding and perceptions of the market. 

We must understand the target audience’s deeper motivations

Fantasies are closely linked to motivations and desires as they reflect what individuals long for. Tuning into the optimal benefit discussion, we look to the mindset of the consumer. What is it that people truly seek? What is their heart’s desire? It is seldom what is seen on the surface. There are deeper motivations. For instance, do they want a hearty meal, a romantic dinner or a gourmet dining experience? Often, the fantasy is more about how others perceive them than the experience they are having. 

The brand promise should be aspirational

Since people are chasing a fantasy motivated by their deeper desires or needs, the promise and perceived benefit or value of a product are often beyond reach and cannot be quantified or proven. It doesn’t need to be because what you are selling is a state of mind. You are selling an intangible feeling, the essence of contentment, happiness or satisfaction. 

To deliver on fantasy we must build brand mystique

Mystique is an aura of mystery, power and awe that surrounds a person or thing. The term itself means “favor given” or “gift of grace,” a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Brand perception and mystique must be broadly shaped consistently over time and only then reflected in ads. Mystique cannot be manufactured. It must be cultivated and reflected. It is enormously powerful. 

Brand marketing helps to fulfill people’s deeper wants and desires

Yet, perceptions and psychology enable that ownership in the case of both the user and those they seek to impress. Brand messaging may convince you that you will be content and get more satisfaction from consumption of a brand or product and because that is your expectation, you allow yourself to be more content and have more satisfaction when that consumption occurs. 

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