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Pitch Perfect: 5 Ways to Score a Byline Article

Why do some experts get more media love than others? Because they know how to leverage the power of contributed content. Here’s how to build the perfect pitch that will win over editors and generate ROI-driven content.

christel henke new headshot
Christel Henke
Jul 16

STIR Rings Up a Victory at the 2019 ANA Bell Awards

STIR goes four for four at the 2019 ANA Bell Awards, winning three B2B excellence awards and a top Bell Award for clients Quad/Graphics, VRC, Flight For Life, and this very website.

Katie Koeppel
May 28

How to Develop Your Brand Story

Branding is more than a logo or packaging. Your brand should tell a story; one with characters, personality and a compelling plot. This storytelling makes the consumer connect and trust your brand. Read on to find out how.

brian bennett new headshot
Brian Bennett
May 17

Marketing Leverage is Found in Consumer Insight

Looking for marketing that yields a high ROI? The answer is right in front of you-it’s in your customers. Find out what makes them tick and leverage it in creative, media buys, PR and more.

brian bennett new headshot
Brian Bennett
May 8

Earth Day Is Every Day in Marketing

Earth Day is more relevant than ever given consumers’ increasingly eco-conscious mindset. It also is a prime example of the symbiotic relationship between environmental sustainability and marketing. Learn how brands reflect this in their advertising. You’re sure to be inspired.

Emma Spring
Emma Spring
Apr 22

Strike an Emotional Chord

Consumer behavior research shows us over and over again the majority of purchase decisions are based on emotion not logic. Read on and discover why emotional marketing is so important to our agency’s core philosophy that we painted it on our walls.

brian bennett new headshot
Brian Bennett
Apr 18

Share The Benefit

It’s easy to market the features of a product or service, but you need to ‘Share the Benefit’ to build a brand. Learn how to write compelling messaging that converts customers. It’s our agency’s core philosophy.

brian bennett new headshot
Brian Bennett
Apr 3

Social Media Paved Paradise

Did you survive the Instagram and Facebook outage of 2019? From top companies down to the average consumer, social media marketing took a hit. Here, we remind you of the power of the social network in advertising.

Emma Spring
Emma Spring
Mar 14

9 Ways to Measure Your Story’s PR Potential

Think about how many unopened emails are sitting in your inbox right now. Multiply that by at least 10 and that’s what a reporter’s inbox looks like on any given day. Here are a few tips from our PR team to break through the clutter and get your brand’s stories in the news.

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Mar 13