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The 7 Steps to Branding Redesign

Find out the 7 steps we go through when STIR is brought in to evaluate and recommend how a company can reposition itself for the future.

Brian Bennett
Apr 12

The Importance of Internal Branding

As vital as it is to showcase the capabilities of your agency through great client work, it’s just as important to have strong internal branding.

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Mar 1

Digital Strategy Doesn’t Work in a Silo

There is no digital strategy anymore. When I started in this industry, websites were the beginning and end of a digital strategy. It fell into what I call “checkbox marketing:” we need a website. Got it. Check. By that, I mean that the level of thought and effort that went into a website was on […]

Kevin Ciesielski
Jan 26

Why You Need a Strong Brand Voice on Social Media

Social media is a space where brands truly come to life. It’s also a space many of us use primarily in our personal lives. We share engagements and new babies on Facebook, filter our family photos on Instagram and dig for the perfect reaction GIFs on Tumblr. When we interact with brands on social media, […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Jun 23

Four Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Increase Brand Awareness

All good marketers know their business must have a presence on social media. Whether your brand is new to social media marketing or you’ve been marketing your business through social media since day one, you understand the effort and time it takes to set up and maintain a social media platform. A platform that tends […]

stir agency milwaukee
STIR Staff
Oct 7