Integration = Leverage

brian bennett new headshot

Brian Bennett

STIR | President
Dec 26

A key premise of our marketing philosophy is that integration generates marketing leverage.

Leverage is a concept of physics whereby force is increased.  In the classic sense, leverage is a measure of the force amplification achieved by use of a mechanical device.

In marketing, that force amplifier can be produced by use of integration where coordinated tactics enhance the performance of one another.  These points of integration are found where marketing platforms, media and technology interact.

In a holistic marketing environment there are myriad integration points that can drive leverage. Evolving technologies and imaginative minds are generating new ones all the time.

And you’ve seen this in action – Creative advertising disrupts the attention of a consumer, drawing crowds to an event, generating PR coverage, producing Social Media buzz, driving web traffic, and online orders that lifts sales and profit.

To create leverage, the coordinated campaign strategies must be conceived together, with digital infrastructure to support it. Creativity in messaging is a constant, not a variable.

Just as in the physical world, it is possible to consistently produce greater lift, impact, or force by utilizing the leverage created by integration and creativity.  The proof point is simple in that the sum of production will always be greater than the efforts exerted.  That equates to higher KPI’s and return on marketing.

This concept is so central to our thinking at STIR that we’ve painted it on our walls to remind us at every turn what makes STIR truly unique.

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