Share The Benefit

brian bennett new headshot

Brian Bennett

STIR | President
Apr 3

This simple statement is loaded with insight and potential. It is a basic foundation stone of STIR’s integrated messaging philosophy.

When we refer to ‘the benefit’ we are referring to that physical, emotional or spiritual need that the brand or product fulfills for the consumer. That certain something is achieved by consuming or even through association with the brand.

Many times, brands are simply associated with an idea and the functionality of a product or a brand is never actually utilized. For example, a sports car that can go 175 miles per hour or a watch that you can dive to 100 feet with. Ownership of these products speaks to the suggestion that people are rugged, daring or just plain wealthy — even when they may not be.

‘Sharing’ is another concept altogether. Sharing suggests more than a headline or copy. It is more than an ad or a social media post. It is an immersion into the psyche and culture of a brand. It is inclusive and conversational. It represents giving, rather than selling or asking.

If the benefit of a product or brand has interest and magnetism, then people will want to be involved. By sharing that benefit, we include the audience in the enjoyment of that benefit. Through artful messaging, consumers will be drawn to the brand.

This is why the phrase ‘Share the benefit’ adorns that walls of STIR. We execute integrated messaging for the many brands that we represent. Each person, each day, must play a role in an inclusive and magnetic dialog.

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