Strike an Emotional Chord

brian bennett new headshot

Brian Bennett

STIR | President
Apr 18

Human emotions color our world, determine our reality and control much of what we do. In marketing, we want to harness emotional energy as best we can.

That’s because the inescapable truth is that humans make up to 95 percent of their purchase decisions based on their emotions and subconscious [Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman]. This explains why nobody wants to admit they behave this way.

When we say ‘emotion,’ we are referring to the subtle drivers of our subconscious which include:

  • Safety / security
  • Self-image / vanity
  • Pride / envy
  • The need to feel and give love

Logic-driven approaches to advertising that feature product attributes entirely miss the human element in the decision-making process. This explains why most of what we purchase delivers far more than what is required for survival, from a logical standpoint. This is the essence of brand building and brand equity. It’s also the genesis of selling. Another way to understand this is to feature the benefit

At STIR, we say we care more how your customers feel, than what they think. If they feel good about your brand, they will always justify their purchase. This is true at work (B2B) and at home (B2C). Higher order communications strike an emotional chord. This concept is so important to our philosophy that we have painted the statement on our office walls.

So, while marketing based on emotion is inherently illogical, it is entirely based on science. Wrap your logical mind around that and you’ll see it makes perfect sense.

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