Speak the Language: Writing Content for Different Media Types

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STIR Staff

Oct 27

Marketing continues to evolve at a fast past. Shaping a campaign to integrate across a variety of platforms can be a challenge – each media has a unique task and communicates to consumers in different ways.

One way to understand the different mediums is to view them each like unique personalities. You need to speak that platform’s language, otherwise the message will be lost and your audience is on to the next thing.

Below are the top four digital personalities and how to speak their language:

Email marketing messaging – The salesman

Persuasive and clever, he needs to capture your attention in the midst of a crowd. With so many other salespeople out there like him, he gets his message across clearly with a personal flair. He always keeps in touch and finds ways to speak to new people.

Websites – The Waitstaff

They are is the customer-facing arm of the company, and needs as much information available as possible. However, they also needs to read the table. If a person is in a hurry and scanning the menu, she focuses on the important parts. For content, this means using headlines, bullet points or whitespace to highlight pertinent information. If a person needs detailed information, they can link with additional persons (or pages) to share the material requested.

Social media – The networker

At all the social scenes, she strikes up conversations and builds relationships. She doesn’t hard sell or continuously pester her audience. She’d have no one left if that happened! Through building relationships and listening to those around her, she’s able to offer solutions and things of interest that her company can provide to the right people at the right time.

Banner Ads – The speed dater

There are a lot of people in the room, so he has to get his point across in a clear and concise manner – quickly! While occasionally charming, he’s straightforward and tells you what you need to know. Either you’re interested or you’re not. Each medium requires specialized copy to fit its personality. However, as you’re writing, you need to make sure you don’t lose that original purpose and message. Continuously think of the time, place and content this message will be received, and if you are speaking in the company voice.

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