Changing Perceptions of a Critically Important and Underappreciated Institution

MATC is the third largest institution of higher education in the state of Wisconsin.  And like so many two-year colleges in 2013, it had a poor image that did not reflect its value to society. They needed a campaign to make them aspirational to high school kids and their parents.

For the next three years, we ran a multimedia campaign that made a clear promise in just three words

MATC Photoshoot Behind The scenes

“Turn Pro Sooner” spoke to the benefit in terms our audience could appreciate

MATC Turn Pro Sooner Ads Collage
MATC Turn Pro Sooner Ads on  Bus and Bus stops

It’s impossible to unsee something, we changed perceptions forever with video

And to appeal to a broader market, we developed the TRANSFORM campaign

STIR’s strong brand aligned creative and successful traditional and digital campaigns make for a great partnership

Tony Tagliavia Director, Marketing and Communications
MATC Transform Yourself Ads collage
MATC Transform Yourself Billboard

We introduced the brand to targeted social and digital advertising

Geofenced social ad buys generating responses that were off the charts

MATC Facebook Posts
MATC Variety of Ad sizes

We wrote a whole case study on our work with the MATC as well. You can read or download it here, free!