A Complete Brand Makeover

One of largest cheese producers in the state of Wisconsin had a proprietary brand (Odyssey) that was not performing. STIR rebranded and repackaged its offerings to focus on the Greek heritage of feta and yogurt, with an eye for appetite appeal.

First, a new logo

Odyssey Logo

Next, create a feta package that a foodie would love

Odyssey feta was always among the very best on the shelf. But, it didn’t sell through until it looked as good as it tasted.

Odyssey Feta Crumbled Traditional
Odyssey Feta Crumbled reduced fat and tomato & basil

Making their Greek yogurt packaging look tastier than the competition

Odyssey greek yogurt strawberry
Odyssey greek yogurt blueberry, peach and pomegranate + Acai

We aimed to be bold, but showcase the simple ingredient list at the same time.

Jeff Jasinowski – Associate Creative Director, STIR

Excite the consumer and the trade with print

When dollars are tight, the same creative needs to sell product to the consumer and the trade. It can be done.

Odyssey greek yogurt peach ad

Promote the new products with websites and social media

Greek sour cream. Is there such a thing?

There is now. It’s a niche yogurt that delivers the same flavors, less fat and more protein than sour cream. Naming innovations and packaging design launched this new product.

Odyssey reduced fat greek style sour cream
Odyssey reduced fat greek style sour cream ads

Beauty is in the eye of the purchaser

Odyssey "sometimes less is more"
Odyssey sometimes less is more ad



More brand awareness


Better looking


More recognizable in-store