Cousin’s Subs Fully Integrated Marketing Rebrand

In 2012, Cousins Subs had issues to resolve. They made the best product in their category, but business was declining rapidly. We collaborated with new leadership on a strategy to surround consumers with new imagery and messaging to move them from a QSR to a fast casual franchise.

Romancing the product with photography and POS

Complete art direction reboot to boost appetite appeal and contemporary style.

Re-establish product quality credentials

Video taste test versus (the big guys in the Subway) that says Cousins is better.

Product oriented TV spots that say why Cousins is better

Refresh store design and experience

Helping to develop a contemporary, fast, casual environment from an antiquated QSR.

Driving traffic with promotions, social media and PR

Concepting interesting promotions such as “Twisted Subs.”

Extending the ideas with viral social content generating thousands of hits and national coverage

See all videos on our Squatch Speaks page.

Cousins Subs Squatch Speaks Twitter Profile
Cousins Subs Squatch Speaks Twitter Feed

Localized lifestyle TV

Driving home a commitment to statewide products with a Local @ Heart campaign.

Articulating brand culture for employees and potential franchisees

Putting pride of culture into the mix and bringing out heritage of the company.

Building a new website experience rounded out the refresh



Sales $ growth


Premium product sales growth

We are proud to have a hand in that success and to be honored as the Cousins Vendor of the Year in 2016

We wrote a whole case study on our work with Cousins Subs as well. You can read or download it here, free!