Logos and Brand Development

renards cheese brand packaging DFW

Creating a successful brand involves many components. All communications that produce impressions matter, and the most important is the name and logo. This is why many call the development of these assets, “branding.” STIR has originated and remade many brand identities. Below are just a few of our success stories.

Renard’s Cheese

Door County, Wisconsin is no ordinary place. That’s why we couldn’t develop any ordinary logo for world-renowned Renard’s Cheese, located in Door County, WI. Our inspiration was drawn from the quintessential elegance that is Wisconsin’s iconic peninsula.

Harbor Yards

More recently, we named and created the logo for an exciting new development by the Mandel Group that will transform the Harbor District of Milwaukee.

NL Suits

A bespoke clothier by the name of Nas Laine makes world class garments, and needed a world-class identity to complete the look.


The largest producer of feta cheese in the country sold all of its product as private label. The company wanted to develop the Odyssey brand to appeal directly to consumers in the Greek cheese and yogurt category.  We solved this challenge with huge success.


Foran Spice Company found their name and image had become a liability – it was dated. The owners felt it was time to reinvent themselves. STIR was called in to create the name and logo for a thriving new iteration. 

Weber’s Farmstead

As a true farmstead operation, and a leader in A2 milk production, Weber’s Farmstead needed a new identity to take its dairy products to market. This modern twist paid homage to the historic multigenerational company.

Icon Cookware

A new line of steel cookware incorporates an innovation. A type of steel where the carbon content and surface treatment makes it non-stick. STIR used the elements of that story to name and create a logo for a brand top chefs are now using.

VISIT Milwaukee

The Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau changed its name to Visit Milwaukee. STIR worked with the organization to establish a new, iconic logo.

Drexel Town Square

Oak Creek had a population of 60,000 and no downtown area. When Wispark Corp. changed all that with a masterfully designed new development, it tapped STIR to create the new identity.

Meet Chicago Northwest

Five communities in the suburbs of Chicago bond together to promote tourism. STIR evaluated the organization’s identity and realized that business meetings drove success, so we gave them an appealing, modern identity.

Grande Epicure

An established name in cookware was losing distribution because its logo and packaging were out-of-touch with the retail environment and consumer sentiment. STIR turned that situation around completely.