Storytelling through video production

The importance of video production in brand development and messaging cannot be overstated. Seen by some as a luxury, it is truly a mandatory element. Video, when produced properly, connects with people more readily than any other method. It communicates quickly, builds credibility, engages on an emotional level, and quite simply is easier for the consumer than reading. Video plays well in traditional, digital and social media. It becomes a destination. It builds SEO, ranks higher and is more easily found through search engines than alternatives.

Television production

STIR has produced hundreds of :30 and :60 television commercials. We deliver high production values on modest budgets, and we have worked at all levels. This starts with the right scripts / concepts. Simple, bold and fresh ideas that speak to the persona and sell the benefit. We work with terrific partners – production companies, directors, editing studios, and we manage production in house. The secret to a successful shoot is in the details. Planning, communication, partnership.

Long-form brand development videos

When you need to change the perception of a brand, you often need to do it with video. Even if that message never sees a television screen, when properly produced it becomes a destination. We’ve crafted many such videos and often overshoot to develop a pool of b-roll content that will serve multiple uses down the road. Lots of days of shooting with multiple cameras using available light, documentary style, but with a compelling concept in mind.

Thought leadership video 

Longer form thought leadership videos require a certain style.  Boring talking heads will quickly lose an audience. Properly scripted, shot and edited, any subject can become compelling. We look to interject graphics and truly get to know the subject matter experts. You’ll find that this effort not only sells your potential customer but sets a high bar of expectation for your sales force.

Short-form pre-roll and video display ads

You can’t just edit a :30 to a :07 or :15. Try that and you have half an idea.  We plan ahead and concept for the short-form digital video needs, whether it’s in the media plan today or not. Digital video needs to move quickly and have a strong CTA. 

Fundraising video for nonprofits

If your marketing objective is to raise money for a cause, you need to literally make your audience cry. You need to move them emotionally. An authentic story must be told, not scripted. Our messaging professionals know how to work with people to elicit a heartfelt story while staying on strategy.