Outsmart the Cyber Thieves

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In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October 2021, STIR worked with client Rural Mutual Insurance to develop a campaign centered around the top cybersecurity issues affecting people and businesses today. The “Are You Smarter Than an Identity Thief?” campaign was designed to inform audiences about common (and lesser known) scams, how to prevent your loved ones and/or business colleagues from falling for them, and what to do in case one becomes an identity theft victim. 


To increase brand awareness and consumer engagement through valuable content that educates Rural Mutual audiences on the latest cybersecurity threats and how to keep their families and businesses safe from scams and identity theft. 

Are You Smarter Than an Identity Thief? 

The campaign was built around the idea that, although cyber scammers and identity thieves are continuously on the prowl, there are several simple ways to keep your most valuable information safe from manipulation and harm. No matter someone’s age or technical knowledge, there are always new cybersecurity trends to be made aware of, including the hackability of our smart devices, the importance of keeping antivirus software up to date, secure password/PIN best practices, social media dos and don’ts, and how to spot phishing emails and phone calls. 

In addition to conducting secondary research through multiple resources, we also spoke directly with cybersecurity experts to gain an even deeper knowledge of the field, including Timothy Winslow, former computer hacker and member of The 414’s, and Eduard Goodman, Chief Privacy Officer of Sontiq, Rural Mutual’s official cybersecurity partner. These interviews provided useful insights that helped us craft blog posts and pitch stories to the media. 

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