The Importance of Internal Branding

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STIR Staff

Mar 1

As an account executive at an ad agency, much of my time revolves around monitoring budget requirements, internal time and material due dates, and keeping timelines and production schedules moving along. These tasks are necessary to the success of a campaign and in keeping the client happy.

As vital as it is to showcase the capabilities of your agency through all this great client work, it’s just as, if not more important, to have a strong internal brand. What good are the skills of your agency if you can’t apply them to your own brand?

You might be curious, what’s a good way to do this? Sure, your company has awesome social media accounts and a killer website. These are both great tools, but what is something that can really set you apart?

At STIR, we’ve implemented a robust blogging strategy that complements our other STIR brand efforts. We have a melting pot of employees whose hobbies and interests influence and help us understand what they do.

So what makes a successful internal blog and internal branding strategy? As the account executive on the STIR account, I’ve come to understand there a few key factors involved:

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is important. Your audience should influence your tone, language, context and even the use of slang when and where appropriate. It’s important to tailor each post to a specific brand persona and identity.

Each blog post fits the personality of the employee writing it while also providing informational, entertaining content.

Stay organized

I treat STIR like any other client account, meaning I have a streamlined organizational system that keeps it running smoothly. We use a system that ensures all employees are aware of when their blog is due and how to produce content that best fits their knowledge and expertise.

Creating a campaign is a collaborative effort that involves each department in the agency

It requires all hands on deck to ensure that the STIR brand is represented through our work in the best way possible. Not only do campaigns showcase the capabilities of our agency, but they help clients attain the ROI they want. The same goes for establishing an internal brand. Collaborate with your employees.

By treating our internal blog like we treat client work, we’re not only able to strengthen our brand but also showcase the creative content and personality of our agency.

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