Grow Your Ag Knowledge

Celebrating Wisconsin Agriculture

To reach both current and new Rural Mutual Insurance audiences, STIR developed an interactive, six-week campaign at the onset of summer 2022. The Grow Your Ag Knowledge Sweepstakes was designed as an educational, entertaining, trivia quiz-style game for Wisconsin consumers. 

Each week, participants were encouraged to answer a brief set of questions that addressed a variety of farm-related topics, including crops, livestock, equipment, industry history, and more.​ In addition to partaking in the free weekly sweepstakes and entering for the chance to win prizes, participants could also read blog content to learn more about popular dairy products as well as several simple ways to support their local farms via agritourism activities. 


The goal of the campaign was to generate impressions, drive web traffic, and build brand affinity by creating content that engages current and prospective Rural Mutual Insurance customers. 

Grow Your Ag Knowledge Sweepstakes 

For this integrated marketing campaign, STIR developed valuable, resonant, and compelling content to effectively attract and retain the target audience: Wisconsin consumers with a desire to learn more about one of the state’s most profitable and globally renowned industries. 

STIR wrote, designed, and produced a variety of valuable marketing and communication materials for the sweepstakes campaign. Our team also collaborated with two Wisconsin-based farm influencers, Becca Hilby of Hilby Family Farm and Amber Bristow of Cranberry Chats. Over the course of the campaign, the influencers promoted the sweepstakes via Instagram posts and Stories while encouraging their followers to play the trivia game week after week and sharing insights into the farming world. 

Key Deliverables

  • Campaign landing page
  • Custom illustrations  
  • Weekly interactive trivia game 
  • Organic social media assets 
  • Paid social ads 
  • Campaign-centric emails 
  • Monthly email newsletter promotions 
  • Blog posts 
  • Influencer content 
  • Corporate email signatures 



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