Giving a New Voice to an Old Friend

The Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho (FBMICI) is entrenched as the top insurance provider for agribusiness and commercial businesses in Idaho. The organization has been an integral part of the fabric of the community for a century. But the truth is, the insurance business as a whole and the Gem State are changing rapidly.

STIR was hired to provide a contemporary, compelling brand message as well as a digital presence that can compete with the likes of Liberty Mutual, Geico, Farmers, and others — brands that pour massive media impressions into Idaho but, in reality, have a small footprint there.

Positioning the Brand for Success

We developed a positioning statement based on key information, including:

  • Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the U.S.
  • FBMICI can only write policies in Idaho.
  • Idaho is one of the most unique and challenging places to live and work in America.
  • Idahoans are fiercely proud of their lifestyle and the natural resources to which they have access.

Our strategic process led us to the positioning, “Locals know best.” This resonates strongly with the core consumers, including the people who have lived and worked in Idaho for generations as well as newcomers from California, Oregon, and elsewhere who are finding their way within a new and different culture.

Owning the Market with Imagery

Successfully staking a claim in a market must be done by demonstrating superior commitment and knowledge. This is aided by the messaging and imagery used to populate a brand’s website, ads, and other assets. STIR spent a whirlwind of a week in Idaho capturing images of real FBMICI agents and their customers together as they participated in uniquely Idaho places and experiences.

Idaho Behind The Scenes 3 Updated
Idaho Behind The Scenes 6
Idaho Behind The Scenes 2
Idaho Behind The Scenes 4
Idaho Behind The Scenes 5
Idaho Behind The Scenes 1

Crafting an Ownable Look and Voice

We brought these concepts to life with a set of traditional and digital advertising materials.

Idaho Print Ad 5
Idaho Print Ad 4
Idaho Print Ad 3
Idaho Banner Ad 1
Idaho Banner Ad 2
Idaho Product Ad 1

Idaho Product Ad 2

Idaho Product Ad 3

Idaho Product Ad 4

Converting Traffic into Applications on the Website

The new campaign aims to drive traffic to the newly developed FBMICI website, which launched in December 2022. The imagery and messaging that supports the position runs deep throughout the site. The refreshed website is conversion-centric, integrated with a the HubSpot CRM and email marketing platform.

Building Trust with Thought Leadership

STIR developed a thought leadership piece entitled “4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Business Insurance Provider.” The target audience of the article is business owners who are currently searching for coverage that is right for them. The goal of this piece is to demonstrate the importance of an insurance company’s price offering, its unwavering dedication to customer experience and service, and its historical financial strength.