Squatch speaks / QSR viral videos campaign

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We spent an entire day shooting a Cousins Subs TV commercial.  Then we took our amazing talent to the side for some video fun for 45 minutes to expand the “Twisted Subs” campaign. We leveraged the personality of Sasquatch to generate viral interest on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The spot was tagged with #SquatchSpeaks. When viewers went to #squatchspeaks on Twitter they could interact with Squatch and view a series of videos of him setting the story straight on all the misconceptions about his species. He also talked about his new found love for Twisted Subs. These videos were reposted thousands of times and were replayed on national television. View Cousins Subs Case Study.

Part 1 – Intro
Part 2 – Twisted
Part 3 – Not a Monkey
Part 4 – Art
Part 5 – Patterson
Part 6 – BigDaddy
Part 7 – Ladies Man