Clear the Office Clutter

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Driving leads for a furniture brand via content marketing, PR & Social

STIR teamed up with National Business Furniture to develop the ‘Happiness in the Workplace’ study which generated compelling new stats on how clutter impacts productivity. Leveraging that data, we created a ‘Clear the Office Clutter’ PR/content/social campaign to help reduce clutter in workplaces and home offices across the nation.

Sparking joy with office clutter solutions

January is National Get Organized month and the ‘Magic of Tidying Up’ author Mari Kondo’s new Netflix series was set to launch in early 2019, so we knew home organizing would be a hot topic. Taking a unique twist with a focus on office clutter, we teamed with a professional organizer from Neat Method as our third party expert.  Together we created content revolving around four clutter personalities “The Procrastinator” “The Overthinker,” “The Saver,” and “The Hider.”  

An informational ebook shared clutter clues, common roadblocks and tips on how to conquer office clutter.

A branded landing page directed viewers to a Clear the Clutter Personality Quiz as well as ebook.

Getting the word out through PR and Social

From national stories in Forbes to targeted bylined articles in home office publications, the STIR’s PR team pitched data from the “Happiness in the Workplace’ research along with the Clear the Office Clutter content to drive awareness for the campaign resulting close to 260 stories.

Paid and organic social campaigns were created to promote ebook downloads and quiz entries as well as capture the email addresses of qualified leads. A ‘Messiest Office’ contest drove additional social engagement and entries to win a new home office. STIR also created a ‘fan favorite’ poll to drive additional contest engagement.   

NBF influencers were tapped to create ‘Clear the Office Clutter’ posts and generate additional awareness and engagement for the overall campaign that led to increased revenue.



Editorial Impressions


Qualified social media impressions


Clicks of ebook, website and landing page


Fan favorite poll votes

3.2% CTR

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