Getting an Assist with a Huge Milwaukee Bucks Win

The Milwaukee Bucks had been one of the most neglected franchises in 2014 at the bottom of the league with the worst attendance, the worst record and the oldest arena in the NBA. STIR had the privilege to partner with bold new leadership from the beginning to craft a new, contemporary image.

Positioning new leadership and fan support

Creative mailings to generate season ticket sales

Milwaukee Bucks Season Ticket Holder Paper Jersey Signed Reward

Developing new graphic standards and introducing an iconic tagline:

“Own the future”

Milwaukee Bucks STIR Creative Collage

A new voice, a new look and a new attitude and several hundred thousand social views

Generating hope, anticipation, momentum and 90,000 internet views

Showcasing new superstars and bringing fan support to the forefront

In 2019, the Milwaukee Bucks had sold 10,000 season tickets, moved into an amazing new arena and restored their spot as a premier NBA brand #GoBucksGo

Our partnership with STIR has been instrumental in the success we’ve had rebuilding the image of the Milwaukee Bucks franchise. STIR is a tremendous teammate.

Dustin Godsey – Chief Marketing Officer, Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks Celebrate A Win on the court

Building excitement and ticket sales in a new home



Increase in fan interest


Increase in YOY retail sales


Increase in ticket revenue