MATC and NBF Interior Design Lab Draws Students Closer to Careers

christel henke new headshot

Christel Henke

STIR | VP, Earned Media
Jun 5

STIR Advertising & Integrated Messaging was excited to play a role in bringing these two organizations together to help create the NBF/MATC Student Design Lab, a professional mentorship program which assists MATC students in learning how to plan safe, efficient and functional commercial spaces.

During a pilot program last fall semester, National Business Furniture employees mentored 16 commercial design students through a series of hands-on sessions at NBF. Through the course, students design office spaces, work with floor plans, review colors and fabrics and learn about how various pieces of furniture can create one solidified look,” said Tonya Dybdahl, NBF’s Outside Sales Space Planning and Design Asst. Manager. In addition, students engage with NBF commercial design professionals to learn the soft skills needed for this career. It’s also an easy commute for students as NBF is located right down the street from MATC’s West Allis Campus where the commercial design program is based.

Students involved in the pilot program showcased their work at the year-end portfolio show, presenting to professional designers and MATC interior design faculty. One student from the program will be selected for a semester-long internship at NBF. For more information, visit NBF/MATC Student Design Lab.

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