Digital Strategy Doesn’t Work in a Silo

Jan 26

There is no digital strategy anymore.

When I started in this industry, websites were the beginning and end of a digital strategy. It fell into what I call “checkbox marketing:” we need a website. Got it. Check.

By that, I mean that the level of thought and effort that went into a website was on par with producing a brochure. It was not seen as something that enhanced, augmented or interacted with your overall marketing plan. Rather, it was thought of as a backlit brochure and nothing more.

2018 is here and oh boy, have the tools and techniques changed. I’m not going to discuss the impact of supercomputers in your pocket or the fact that Twitter turns 10 years old this year.

Instead, I want to talk about how real business intelligence, dollar-for-dollar spend tracking and SEO in 2019 all work together strategically rather than relying solely on digital strategy.

Your business’s digital efforts must be baked into everything your marketing does, and these efforts are quickly blurring the lines outside the realm of traditional marketing. I don’t like integration for the sake of integration. I like integrations that produce business intelligence. We’re now at a point where digital systems talking to each other can produce real, actionable business intelligence.

This now means that virtually everything you do in marketing can be measured. Gone are the days where half your advertising budget is wasted, but you can’t tell which half.

If an ad is not performing online, you can stop it in real time or adjust it. Phone numbers can be dynamic for granular tracking depending on which ad network the user clicked through from. Your content can do more for your organic SEO than traditional technical optimization. HubSpot can provide an integrated email, CTA, CRM, social media and landing page platform with personal one-to-one tracking. The technology has arrived, but the integration into everything your marketing does hasn’t.

At STIR, we’re an integrated marketing agency. Every plan we execute with the brands and organizations we work with is contained in one plan. There is no traditional plan alongside a digital plan. It’s a set of goals and KPIs executed and balanced through all channels and mediums. A lot of these channels and mediums happen to be digital today and for the foreseeable future.

In a post-digital strategy world, our phones are just a digital overlay and augmentation to the physical world. You don’t stop being in the physical world when you’re on your phone and vice versa. Both interact and affect each other in new, exciting and measurable ways.

This is where STIR plays best because the interaction of everything working harmoniously requires expertise in all modes and mediums for maximum ROI and effectiveness. We find this is the best way for your marketing strategy to sing and perform at the highest level possible for your budget.

In future blog posts, I’m going to talk about how we do this on a per topic basis and dive deep into the how-to’s of it all.

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