4 Things Your Digital Strategy Can Learn From Bruce Lee

Aug 14

The advertising and marketing industry are now firmly in a digital first/focused standard operating procedure. Digital advertising is like water—it is just bits of matter that can flow anywhere. It can take form as a social networking campaign that flows to the B2B social network users, or as a PPC ad that flows to the top of search results. The point is, your company’s brand and message flows around the internet and comes out in more ways than have ever been possible before.

“Empty your mind, be formless…shapeless…like water”

Bruce Lee

Let’s extend the water metaphor ever further. What can water do that is like digital marketing?


If you pour water into a vessel, it takes the form of the container. This is the same way that targeting of digital ads can fill exactly what you need, not too much or too little. Budgets can be micro-managed to match the target audience. Done right, so does the creative. No need to make it rain, instead use a targeted super soaker to hit your target directly.


Water cannot be compressed, neither can the basic fundamentals of advertising and marketing. Reach and frequency still play the same role, but now they are measured and diced in many more ways. You still have the same amount of spend to deploy, but it can be much more effective now.


Since there are so many types of media and messages that are out in the world today, it can be harder to reach your audience and they may slip out of your funnel at times. But the problem can also be a strength if you use the slickness of digital to re-deploy assets when a certain tactic is not working anymore and slipping by your targeted consumer. You can’t set it and forget it, because you risk missed opportunities slipping through your hands.


Nothing in digital can work without great creative. For every one-part Oxygen of digital marketing tactics, there should be two parts of creative Hydrogen to break through the noise in today’s crowded market. Like H2O, digital and creative work best together with a strong bond and are just gas when apart.

Make your digital marketing campaigns like water to succeed in today’s omnichannel world.

If you would like to learn more about how STIR can help you shape your story to the different digital vessels, please contact Kevin Ciesielski, Vice President, Digital Marketing Director, here.

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