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STIR Staff

Apr 4

“What’s your social media advertising creative design process?”

Brett Friedman, blog writer for Marpipe, a creative testing platform, recently posed the question for his article, “How Founders and Marketers Decide What Their Ads Look Like.”

Here’s an excerpt from the piece on STIR’s data-driven approach:

A lot of factors go into deciding which kind of ads to create and what copy/imagery to use, but the primary one is first determining what the objective of the ad campaign will be and who is the audience we’re trying to reach.

Data is a huge part of the equation and influences nearly every phase of ad design, copywriting, landing page synchronization and audience development. That being said, there is definitely a certain amount of instinct that goes into creating and managing social media ads and experience influences success.

Michael Ray, STIR social media director

Read the full article to learn more about how we balance data and creative, as well as 13 other approaches to designing ads. We think you’ll find the similarities and differences interesting.

Marpipe | “How Founders and Marketers Decide What Their Ads Look Like”

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