2021 Super Bowl Ads Winners, Losers

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Brian Bennett

STIR | President
Feb 8

Year after year, the Super Bowl becomes a cultural milepost that reflects our times. The buzzword in marketing this year = Purposeful Marketing. Many marketers aimed to build positive sentiment for their brands and did well this year with uplifting creative commentary. 

  • While Budweiser sat this one out, Anheuser-Busch killed it with three great spots that reflected the times – in a positive way. Bud Light Seltzers’ ‘Lemons’ spot was disruptive, hilarious and poignant. Michelob Ultra’s ‘Happy’ spot offered an inspiring message and Anheuser-Busch corporate’s ‘Let’s Grab a Beer’ was timely, smart and feel-good.
  • Will Ferrell just crushed it for GM with the ‘No Way Norway’ spot. Showing how much of a difference star power and unbelievable talent can make in sending a message in support of electric automobiles.
  • Uber Eats’ use of the Wayne’s World reprise was so much fun to watch and it sends a wonderful message about supporting local restaurants, while promoting their own brand. Hilarious and masterful!
  • If you judge success based on social media commentary, the Cadillac ‘Edward Scissorhands’ spot was the runaway winner on Twitter with over 13,424 mentions and retweets. It was definitely fresh and fun.
  • Rocket Mortgage’s ‘Pretty Sure’ spot with Jay Farner was the crowd favorite – winning the Ad Meter survey.  Definitely had LOL appeal…!
  • The Doritos ‘Flat Matthew’ spot with Matthew McConaughey was curious for me in a bad way.  Seemed like it lasted forever to reveal a punch line that was just as flat as his character… A brand that has always done great work fumbled this one, in my opinion. 

The above is an excerpt from the Milwaukee Business Journal. For the full article, “Find out which Super Bowl ads were the winners and losers according to local experts,” click here.


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