The Power of Disruptive Creative

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STIR Staff

Apr 29

The notion of Disruptive Creative is quite simple – how can a brand be special if it’s not different? To stand out in the world of clutter, there must be something different, something unique and special to attract the consumer’s attention.

To get noticed, you must stand out; to stand out you must disrupt.

Disruption doesn’t have to be negative. In fact, if done properly, it’s quite positive. Let’s not confuse the word “disruptive” with “destructive.” The fact is, it’s quite the contrary.

Disruption can take many forms: it can be silence in a wall of sound; it can be a white dot in a field of black; laughter in a sea of sadness; beauty in a world of ugliness. It can be radical or somewhat subtle. But it must have the power to engage people, to have them take notice.

Disruptive Creative gives people credit for being smart. It taps into insights and intelligence. We, as humans, strive to understand the “why” factor. Disruptive Creativity poses a problem to solve. What’s different? What’s New? What’s attractive? This all happens instantaneously.

Disruptive Creative entertains us and makes the mundane magical.

It causes us to react, it triggers emotion.

It makes us think.

Relevant Disruptive Creative can pay dividends for any brand (relevant being the key word) when it comes to awareness. I’m not suggesting frivolous disruption – that wouldn’t make sense – but disrupting to make a point, as part of your messaging strategy, is powerful.

Take for instance the VW Jetta “safe happens” ads developed to highlight safety features.  The ads disrupt, creatively, and do so with such impact that there was a great deal of press around them back when they were first released. In fact, you probably still remember seeing the ads for the first time, even though these ads are over 7 years old.

Disruptive Creative is simply one way to do it – a powerful way to do it.

Gauge your own messaging accordingly. Mediocrity is not acceptable. Playing it safe’s not a good option for people who want to effect change; to be safe is to blend in and to blend in is a waste of resources.

And yet there is no risk in disruptive creative when it is done by the right agency. Your agency should be developing interesting content that tells your brand story. If they’re not, you’re wasting time, energy and money.

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